Area Activities

Inside Death Valley National Park

Badwater Basin

This year-round waterfall is a desert paradise – it almost feels like it was transported from the tropics.

Zabriskie Point

Witness a famous sunrise at Zabriskie Point, one of the prettiest views in all of Death Valley.

Darwin Falls

The lowest point in North America at 282 feet below sea level, but it can still be one of the high points of your journey.

Sand Dunes

Find adventure in these world-famous dunes, a top sand-boarding spot.

Stove Pipe Wells

Your gateway to a field of dunes – some of the most photographed spots in Death Valley.


Death Valley covers 3.4 million acres, and the most breath-taking views can only be discovered on foot.

Mountain Biking

Grab your bike and get some fresh air – it’ll be the most scenic exercise you’ve ever gotten.


This is why they invented four-wheel drive – Death Valley has miles of dirt roads that need to be explored.

Artists Pallete

Take a drive and enjoy the colorful views of this “painted” canyon along the route.

Outside Death Valley National Park

Spicer Ranch

A beautiful rolling trail with pretty views, right in our backyard here in Beatty.


This is why they invented four-wheel drive – Beatty has 380 miles of dirt roads that need to be explored.

Ghost Towns

Travel through time as you encounter all the rich history that Death Valley has to offer.